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Glasgow Recording Studio & Rehearsal Rooms

Carlton Recording Studio is an affordable recording studio specialising in recording, editing and mixing music. We also have spacious, air-conditioned rehearsal rooms.

Telephone: 0141 429 5723



Weekday 9am – 6pm £ 11.00 (3 Hours)
Weekday 6pm – 9pm £ 27.00 (3 Hours)
Weekday 9pm – 12am £ 24.00 (3 Hours)
Weekend £ 19.00 (3 Hours)
All bookings are subject to a 48 hour cancellation notice. Bookings cancelled inside the 48 hours from start time of the slot are liable for the full cost of the booking.


Room 1

Studio 1 measures 22´ x 11´, Long and low. Air- conditioned. Wooden floor, Tiled roof. The compact, powerful backline consists of: Bass Rig, Marshall Superlead, Peavey Bandit, and KB30. Yamaha 600 PA. The kit is a 5 piece Pearl Fusion.

Room 2

Rehearsal Studio 2 is 17´long x 16´ wide x 9´ high. Wooden floor , brick wall, cork wall, sound boards. This studio contains a good upright piano. The backline consists of a 5 piece Premier Drumkit, Peavey TNT Stack, Marshall JCM800 half stack, Fender Twin, Peavey Bandit and KB150.

Room 3

Rehearsal studio 3 is 21´ long x 16´ wide x 9´ high. Air-conditoned, . Wooden floor, cork walls. This studio is definately the loudest. There are 2 Marshall half stacks (1 JCM800, 1TSL2000) Peavey 1×15″, 4×10″ Bass rig Fender Twin reverb, Peavey Bandit and KB 150. PA by Peavey and JBL.

Room 4

Rehearsal studio 4 is 23´long x 13´ wide x 11´ high. Air conditioned, wooden floor , mirrored wall, glass wall gives a live sound. Drum riser, Pearl export 5 pce kit, Peavey Bassrig (see room 3), Marshall JCM900 Halfstack, Fender ´Twin´, Peavey Bandit and KB150. PA – Peavey XR600.

Carlton Recording Studios and Rehearsal Rooms, 54 Carlton Place, Glasgow, G5 9TW    |     info@carltonstudios.co.uk