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Glasgow Recording Studio & Rehearsal Rooms

Carlton Recording Studio is an affordable recording studio specialising in recording, editing and mixing music. We also have spacious, air-conditioned rehearsal rooms.

Telephone: 0141 429 5723


Carlton Studios Recording Suite Information


Carlton Recording Studio is a fully professional set up that uses Reaper as the main recording tool. We can also accommodate most other recording software packages. The mixing board is a classic Rupert Neve designed ´BIG´ .

The microphones we use are all ´industry standard´ models by AKG, Neumann and Shure Our prices are very reasonable and thanks to the expertise of our engineer, you can be sure of a great value for money package.

Carlton´s recording studio is operated by Danny Mitchell; songwriter, producer and technician of the highest quality. (Ask any (and we mean ANY) of our clients)

Carlton Recording Studio in Glasgow has a total area of some 700 sq ft split between the Control Room, Live Room and isolated Vocal Booth.

The Control Room has a beech floor, pine roof and assorted fabric finishes to the walls in order to create a totally neutral monitoring environment.

The live Room has a walnut floor and an assortment of cork and brick finishes on the walls that can be utilised for many different acoustic results.

The Vocal Booth is a completely isolated dead space.

Please call : 0141 429 5723
or Email : info@carltonstudios.co.uk for the latest studio prices and deals.

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Carlton Recording Studios and Rehearsal Rooms, 54 Carlton Place, Glasgow, G5 9TW    |     info@carltonstudios.co.uk