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Glasgow Recording Studio & Rehearsal Rooms

Carlton Recording Studio is an affordable recording studio specialising in recording, editing and mixing music. We also have spacious, air-conditioned rehearsal rooms.

Telephone: 0141 429 5723


Carlton Studios Recording Suite Information


Carlton Recording Studio is a fully professional set up that uses Reaper as the main recording tool. We can also accommodate most other recording software packages. The mixing board is a classic Rupert Neve designed ´BIG´ .

The microphones we use are all ´industry standard´ models by AKG, Neumann and Shure Our prices are very reasonable and thanks to the expertise of our engineer, you can be sure of a great value for money package.

Carlton´s recording studio is operated by Jamie Telford and Gareth James. Both audio engineers are fully qualified with degrees in audio engineering and several years of experience.

Carlton Recording Studio in Glasgow has a total area of some 700 sq ft split between the Control Room, Live Room and isolated Vocal Booth.

The Control Room has a beech floor, pine roof and assorted fabric finishes to the walls in order to create a totally neutral monitoring environment.

The live Room has a walnut floor and an assortment of cork and brick finishes on the walls that can be utilised for many different acoustic results.

The Vocal Booth is a completely isolated dead space.

Prices: £25 per hour
Please call : 0141 429 5723
or Email : info@carltonstudios.co.uk for the latest studio prices and deals.

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Carlton Recording Studios and Rehearsal Rooms, 54 Carlton Place, Glasgow, G5 9TW    |     info@carltonstudios.co.uk