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Glasgow Recording Studio & Rehearsal Rooms

Carlton Recording Studio is an affordable recording studio specialising in recording, editing and mixing music. We also have spacious, air-conditioned rehearsal rooms.

Telephone: 0141 429 5723

About Us

Information about Carlton Recording Studios Staff

The team who started Carlton Studios; Jake McKechan, Mick Price and Barny Taplin, have a wealth of experience in the music industry.

All were involved in bands during the 80´s: Jake and Mick were members of James King and the Lonewolves playing guitar and drums respectively. Barny was the lead singer and harmonica man with Sammy and the Badgers.


The History of Carlton Studios

The Studio was originally situated in a redundant Art Deco bank at the corner of Crown Street and Ballater Street adjacent to the Nautical College in what is now known as the New Gorbals.


In 1990 the studio moved to its current location in Carlton Place. While the team were moving out the bulldozers moved in, so all they managed to salvage from this fabulous building was the door to the bank managers office. Among the first wave of new clients were SLAM, Erasure, SAHB, Monica Queen and Paul Quinn.


The lease for the basement area of the building was secured and a further rehearsal room and a cafe were added to what was now growing into a small complex. Around the same time, Danny Mitchell joined the team to run the recording side of the business. Danny has since retired and our new head eengineer is Jamie Telford.


The Kenny Hyslop Drum Studio relocated into the remaining space in the basement area.

Carlton Recording Studios and Rehearsal Rooms, 54 Carlton Place, Glasgow, G5 9TW    |     info@carltonstudios.co.uk